IMG 0067Would the Spirit have come
Had they not waited obediently,
Staying together
When likely they felt bereft and confused,
Wanting to give up and go their separate ways?

Would the Spirit have come
Had they not listened,
Attentively attuned
To hear the bold beginnings of that Holy hurricane…
Had they not been alert
Watchfully waiting
To see the fiery fulfilment of this brand-new baptism?

Would the Spirit have come,
Had they not been still,
Settling into silence
To feel God’s gentle power rest on each elected there…
Had they not been open,
Surrendering selves
To be refilled and replenished to overflowing with spirit?

Would the Spirit have come,
Had they not been rooted,
Grounded and growing
In God’s word
And powerful promises
To be witnesses, enabled and empowered to explain events?

Would the Spirit have come
Had they not traded mistakes
For fully forgiven
clean starts, new hearts and a faith to follow when all else eludes?

Would the Spirit have come,
Had they not faithfully focussed
Eyes on eternity
Permitting new births of pioneers and prophets, witness to wonder
Voices for the voiceless; a people passing on God’s promise into the future?

So, may we know, LordIMG 0072
Like your disciples before,
We can wait with others for Your Spirit Gift...
Obediently open,
Expectantly Still,
Rooted in forgiveness and the familiarity of Your Word...
Or remain
Huddled alone
In our upper rooms of ease…
For unless we are ready to receive;
Surrender agendas
To willingly wait with others;
Abandoning wanton ways
Into Your wounded open hands
I suspect you may not come…
for there would be no room for your Spirit to enter in,
No room for You in me.
No room for life,
Nor living free
Nor opportunity for adoption.

So, Come, Lord, come ...
Let Your Holy Spirit, come...
Transform us, too…
Make room for miracles
In us...


from Acts 2: 42-47

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