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At the start of last month, I took an extra week of rest and refocusing with the intention to “offer myself, this New Year, the gift of kindness…” It worked well, and I came out feeling purposeful, positive, ready, and equipped…

However, only four weeks on, and I find myself, breathless from the breadth of my well-intentioned planning for the year, struggling to keep up with both my business and personal goals.
I have started the year with a sprint, forgetting (yet again) that the year is a marathon…

Sprints are for covering short distances, expending energy quickly that will need replenishing before the next race.

With marathons, energy needs to be conserved, controlling output so that a good pace can be maintained throughout…

I find that I’ve been trying to sprint through January (which is fine if I’m going to rest in February- but I’m not able to do that!) so I think I need to slow down, pacing the journey, to maintain energy and focus throughout the year.

Scripture tells us this:

“…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith...” Hebrews 12:1

Pace and perseverance are needed to endure the length of any race, but equally we are to throw off all that hinders our travelling, only carrying what is necessary for our journey.
We are also urged to keep our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus, our own personal coach, looking only ahead to where He leads us.

So, I wonder, what do I need to let go of to pace my spiritual journey and ministry this year?

If I’m struggling already to keep up with all that seems to need to be done, might this be because I am looking to my own ways rather than the Lord’s leading?

I’m not sure… what I do know is that all this talk of running makes me feel weary. Is there a better analogy for my own journey this year?

Travelling a Different Way
How would I love to travel through this year?

Personally, what immediately comes to mind is that I think I would rather dance, than sprint or run a marathon, so perhaps I will keep this in mind throughout 2022… it sounds lighter, less exhausting, and much more fun.

DANCE IMG 2025 resized for blogDance, explains Encyclopaedia Britannica, "is the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music and within a given space, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself."

This sounds a perfect way of moving through the year, I think!

I wonder what your analogy might be for this year?

I’d love to know…








Dancing my Days

I’m sure Jesus did run,
But in Scripture,
Mostly he
Walks willingly
with purposeful paces,
meandering missionally
Aware of and at one with his surroundings
Responding in wise words
with practical kindness-
love left lingering in limbs
and hearts healed.

Perhaps, we too are to walk this way through the world.

There will be a time for running, likely
at the end as Jesus steps out, hand held out
inviting me home,
but until then, Lord,
As your emissary,
may I stroll

Slowly enough to
savour small shoots of spring sprouting in people’s lives

Slowly enough to
see the faces behind the facade

Slowly enough to care about the
cracks in lives that cry out
to be filled
with the wholeness of your ways,
welcoming all encountered
extending Kingdom care and kindness
To all.

May I weep with the wounded
Join with the joyful
Dancing my days
With your hand in mine

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