In the face of a seemingly impossible work schedule, in near despair and defeat, have you ever asked yourself,

“..but how on earth, will I get it all done?”

With anxiety and overwhelm, looming large over me this August, it was an angry question that I frustratingly threw at God, early one morning during my journal writing….

Mired in the feelings that I could barely cope with all that I have taken on, I felt overwhelmed and paralysed by inaction. Moving forward and embracing change seemed quite out of reach, because it seemed as if it would take time and effort that I could ill afford with all that I needed to do.
Instead, I was spending too much energy coaxing myself into feeling that all was insurmountable..

Seemingly amused, and unusually, God answered almost immediately…

detail of Intentional Journey mixed media by Karen Herrick“One step at a time…” was the ludicrously obvious answer…

I paused, firstly stunned at the immediacy of God’s answer, and then somewhat embarrassed by the practical clarity of the solution.

So obvious… and yet, with procrastination rife, along with annoyance at allowing myself to get to this point, I had completely missed the point…

“One step at a time…” reminded me of the Chinese proverb attributed to Lao Tzu that
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

One step, one small thing never seems enough progress when we are constantly looking at the horizon instead of focusing on the one thing we can get on with now… that single step, that one (often tedious )task.
Yes, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with the mountain ahead instead, initially, of taking time to plan the route, noting the difficult paths, and allocating out rest and recovery points along the way, so that with a clear map in our hands, we may more assuredly place one step in front of the other, as we tackle the long route ahead.

“How on earth, will I get it all done?” had been my question. Yes, one step at a time, but also… not through earthly ways; not in my own strength, but by placing my hand in the hand of the Saviour, focusing on the Father and trusting him for the outcome.

“One step at a time…”

Little by little, larger things can be achieved. They may be slow in coming, but progress will be made.
Further along the way, we can take time to look back, and see how far we have come…but in the meantime our job is to show up, daily, minute by minute, hour by hour and do that one small thing we have been given to do in that moment, with whatever we have been given, to make a difference..

What one small step might you take, on a seemingly insurmountable task that fills you with overwhelming dread?
Can we take our eyes away from the perceived problem and look to our Lord to lead the way, instead?

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