textile art from original by Karen@ Harlequin ArtsCarry the colours of Christ

into the dark dismal places,

the uneven paths

and ordinary days,

bearing Abba’s beauty

into each everyday encounter

with humility and compassion.

Relay the reds of passion and purpose,

the Saviour’s sacrifice for all,

echoing through those who bear His Name.

Arrange an orange warmth within, to welcome each and all,

Yellows to yield light and cheer in otherwise dreary days.

With every step, gift green for growth of all that is good

and blues to bring balm and beauty from Living Water within.

Profess purples, proclaiming praise in the litany of your life

declaring Jesus Sovereign, Lord of All in every colour between.

Then into the brown burnished earth of those who touch your life,

sow seeds of sunshine to tend and toil, nourish and nurture

So they, too, may carry the colours of Christ.

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