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Have you ever found yourself unsure of where you are going in life?

There you are, sailing along, with what you've done for years...quite happy with your career, business, and life in general and then, boom!

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Maybe it's something major, like a health issue, a family crisis, bereavement, or redundancy. Or maybe, instead, it's some small niggle that gradually grows until you know that you are no longer on the right longer skipping along purposefully, but ambling aimlessly until eventually you find yourself lost, limping listlessly through unfamiliar terrain.

This is where I have found myself over the last few months. It began last year with weariness, sensing that some of what I had been working on needed to end. After ignoring the feeling for a while, I eventually tackled the issue by no longer looking for work that involved travelling.

Instead, I took on a new, nearer to home, creative tutoring commitment and then recently withdrew from a long-standing commitment that has been such a privilege, but reached a point where it was time to move on.
All well and good, I hear you say… back on track!

But that isn’t how it feels...

It feels, right now, as if I’ve lost my way, not quite knowing where I’m going any more… both my life and business feel out of synch again. It feels as if I’m navigating uncertainly in the dark, and what I need is the navigational tools of starlight.

I’ve been here before, and I know it’s best not to rush into things, choosing any random route to sail, with the illusion of making progress. It’s far better, but so much harder, to wait…

What I need is the navigational tools of starlight; with a full moon to illuminate this unfamiliar, unsettled sea that has arrived stealthily and steadily to rock my boat and create uncertainty in the way ahead.

I don’t have any answers right now… except that I know I need to put down the anchor of hope to keep me from capsizing. That means anchoring myself firmly on the bedrock of God’s truth and God’s Word, trusting that he will see me through the seemingly uncertain way forward.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

It means looking up to the Lord of Light, who illuminates our life’s journey, not always providing the ease and clarity of daylight but just enough light for us to see the next small wave to ride as we travel by starlight with the Starmaker, Storm Stiller and Creator of our Universe.

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