May you…

Walk life’s journey with joy,

Abiding in Abba’s all-encompassing embrace

Trusting His lead through troublesome trails and

Open to portals of possibility on unforeseen paths.


May you…

Greet the day with gratitude and gladness

Cherishing connection to Christ’s creation

Heart full of awe as forests and fields of green

Enfold and refresh your weary soul.


May you...

Excitedly explore all opportunities offered

Expectant of Immanuel always enroute,

Adjourning at intersections to encounter and engage

With kindness and curiosity all you meet.


May you...

Lit by the lamp of his love

Light the way to the Lord for all you encounter

Bearing hope for humanity

Humility filled, to follow the Father’s footsteps.


May you...

Prepare for pilgrimage and party

Marking the moments of life’s adventure

With cairn like care for those who follow

Radically rooted in prayer and praise.


May you...

Savour simplicity; finding joy

In the humdrum everyday extraordinary,

Taking pleasure in the treasure of transient things

Celebrating the communion of the commonplace.


May you…

Tend the treasure of all that is sown in you

Nurturing its growth for the good of others…and his glory,

Seeking the score for your unique song

That dwells within, longing to be brought to birth.


May you…

In the ebb and flow, find a love of life

Living lightly, intentionally, informed,

Journeying joyfully seeking stories to share:

Kindness, with Christ as a compass, accompanying your way.


May you…

Cherish those close to you

Holding and honouring the hours together

In love, laughter, and words of endearment

No dreams unlived nor regrets of words unsaid.


May you…

Learn to soar in the strength of the Spirit,

Confident of Abba’s everlasting arms

To carry your world-weary soul through strident storms

Ready, after rest with the Redeemer, to rise again.

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