Under a grey blanket…

2018 02p1Colour makes me happy, so it is not surprising that this past month’s repetitive gloomy grey days have seeped into my soul, as I have struggled mentally to rise above the blanket of grey January weather that leeches my energy and weighs heavy on my body and mind. All seems purposeless, hopeless and such hard work as my body and mind have struggled to combat the grey quagmire of this saturnine season.

Coming up with a plan…

So, to cope with the feelings of drowning in these dreary, dismal days I began to wonder how I could consciously colour my days to combat the consecutive endless days of grey that seemed to suck the enthusiasm from me…I needed a rescue plan to save me from sinking!

How could I metaphorically “colour the grey” to create colour in my life and stave off the sensation of being enveloped in each dreary day?

A Way through the Grey…

For me, release came from the recognition of what gives me life…and generally it is the little things again … the ordinary, mindfully transformed into an extraordinary colourful experience that can light up an otherwise depressing grey day. It is about pausing with purpose to ward away the effects of abounding grey, through seeking & highlighting colourful moments; drawing them out like spun sugar against the backdrop of grey melancholy.

Creating Colour…

2018 02p2We are all created for colour. Colour can be…the morning porridge savoured slowly and quietly as I contemplate the oats growing in softer summer days; that intentional cup of coffee from a special mug savoured in a comfy chair after a hard day; sitting, stitching slowly with no deadline in mind; relishing a recipe, hand made from scratch and prepared with love- enjoying feeling the ingredients in my hands and watching the transformation of ingredients into flavoursome food to share; walking and watching the wonder of the world, in comfortable boots and a favourite scarf, hood up to protect me from the harsh elements. It doesn’t come easily to me as I reluctantly trudge through each grey day and it often takes real effort to consciously shrug off the weighty cloak of winter weather. Sometimes it seems as if it would be so much easier to pull the cloak on more firmly and take to bed until spring arrives!

Wrapped in Light…

It is this cloak analogy that reminds me of the God who does not wrap himself up against the grey days, but “wraps himself in light.”

The Bible is full of verses that refer to God as being our light…but what is light? Split into a spectrum of colours, light is made of all the colours of the rainbow, so it surprised me that though light is referenced frequently in the Bible, the word “colours” hardly at all! Where it is mentioned, it is in the context of the glory of God or the covenant of God, in the form of a rainbow. I imagine God wrapping himself in a rainbow of light; colouring himself with His creation!

2018 02p3Jesus said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will have the light of life and never walk in darkness.” John 8:12

Dispelling the Darkness…

So, “You Lord are my light. You dispel my darkness.” 2 Samuel 22:29
More than the practices that help me to colour my grey days, I need the presence of God, who is able to completely “dispel” the darkness, not just add colour to combat the grey. It is He who created colour itself, who can truly rescue me and save me from sinking. It is He, who created each of us for colour.

I wonder, what is it that colours your days? How do you combat the colourless grey of winter or the heavy grey fog that clouds our minds, and darkens our days? Perhaps we can turn to Jesus, the “Light of the world” (John 8: 12), so that we too can be light (Matthew 5:14) & colour, where there is grey.

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