Its been a busy year and I am weary. My soul struggles to sing when I am weary- and I AM weary…so, so tired.

2016 06p1I’m longing to flourish not just function and now the bulk of projects are coming to an end, I am ready for rest…


I am weary of being a warrior,
Sword ready for action
Striding into new places
Posturing confidence
Smile masking my beating anxious heart.
Poured out, my faith needs filling
My body rebuilding
My soul, sanctuary to sing symphony again…
My heart harnessed again for holiness


2016 06p2So, briefly…
let battles be banished,
Skirmishes cease
Conflicts conclude
Whilst I shelter in Shaddai’s shadow
safe in the eye of the storm.
For I am resting in my Redeemer
Abiding in Abba,
Dwelling in the Daystar
Seeking strength in the Saviour.



2016 06p3Let me rest… and return,
ready to regroup,
ready for rhythm
a stronger soldier…

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