I have been stitching a landscape with ploughed fields this month and it has struck me how a freshly ploughed field lies waiting, open to receive the new seed of the next season.
I don’t know about you, but so often I occupy my days with endless projects, lists and goals that I fail to leave room for fallow times. Fields often need to be left fallow for a time for the soil to regain nutrients…and as I stitch, I mull over what that might mean for me…

Release or Resist?

2017 11p1As Autumn gathers pace, and I watch the winds effect on the leaves of the trees, I wonder again about my own approach to letting go; surrendering all that is no longer needed in my life…

For despite taking the word ” surrender ” as my one word to journey with this year, it feels as if I am still clinging to much that needs to be released. Like a stubborn tree that refuses to release its leaves to the wind, I procrastinate the pruning process…and I am finding that my resistance is exhausting, creating anxiety and tension within…..

This month I had a to buy an item of clothing that I don’t often buy, and because 2017 10p1it was to go with something for a special occasion, decided to take time and be properly measured. I must confess I was shocked to discover that I had been wearing the wrong size…for who knows how long!

This seemingly insignificant event, of realising that physically I am not the shape I thought I was, has really spoken to me at a much deeper level about learning to accept change.
It is so easy, isn’t it, to continue daily in our journey through life without acknowledging to ourselves that, little by little, our lives have changed? How many of us live in the past rather than embracing our present situations?

2017 09p1Strawberries are surely the epitome of the summer season…but the strawberries in my garden have come and gone this summer, and as long bright summer days begin their surrender to duller, darker evenings and Autumn jostles into position, whispering it’s way into our lives, I wanted to reflect on how easy it is to miss the savouring of each passing season. As all seasons, summer is fleeting, and we can rush through the delights it brings without really taking time to savour the potential joys it holds.


How many of us long for a holiday? We dream of time to get away, unwind, lay down the daily burdens of living and to be free from the rules of our work day, rush day, overwork day routines…2017 08p1 I wonder what holiday means to you? Perhaps, the chance to get away; long days in the sun; relax at home or maybe the dread of fractious family times full of arguments; anticipation under-delivered, disappointment, regret, sadness or envy at not being able to afford an “ideal” destination?

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