Spectacle of Spring

As winter weather warms into spring, I watch the blossom emerge on the trees: extravagantly beautiful bouquets of promise- signs of warmer weather, better days ahead and future fruitfulness.2017 04p1

Despite its spectacle, we do not see the spring blossom as pretentious, showy or ostentatious, accepting it for what it is: a natural, cyclical seasonal occurrence.
It makes us feel better- a sign that spring is just around the corner.
It gives us hope for the future ahead- summer is coming with its longer days and warmer weather.
It grounds us in the real possibility of fruitfulness for the future.

Sow the Seeds

2017 03p1Seeds are no small things…each one unique; unassuming, modest miracles of life and growth and change, each encapsulated in a small shroud like shell. Yet tough and unyielding as they are, they will fail to reach their potential if they are kept sealed in a packet or left languishing in the potting shed.

2017 02p1As I complete my reflections on the word “Dwell”, I find myself taking refuge in Psalm 91, knowing that through all the continuing uncertainties and difficulties of my life, I can find true sanctuary in God alone.

Have you noticed that there always seems to be something to contend with amidst the daily maelstrom of life? For me, there seems to have been a continuous barrage of unexpected difficulties to deal with over the last few years. Just when I think that life seems to be taking a smoother turn, another event collides with the last and there are times when it all feels completely unmanageable. Increasingly this month, with its endless cold, grey days that I don’t do well, I have felt like hiding away from it all and saying to the world “wake me up when it’s all over and safe to come out…”

This is why I have returned to the comfort of Psalm 91 with its promises of shelter, rest and refuge, safety and protection, rescue and deliverance…. because for me, it is all unmanageable on my own. It is only God who provides me with the wherewithal to cope.

2017 01p1Page Margins…

Many of us this year, have been learning to spend time with God creatively, dwelling in the margins of our Bibles, reflecting on His Word as we colour and doodle and create. But this month, something has been troubling me…how much are we acting upon what we are learning? Yes, we should create time to be still and to dwell in God’s presence; God’s Word but equally leave time to follow through on all that God teaches us.

Wherever I put my feet to, has the opportunity to be heaven on earth…

2016 12p1As God’s people, we are given the privilege and commission of ensuring that wherever we walk on our life journey we are taking the wonder of the Gospel with us. We are to look and listen for possibility, commissioned to be God’s envoys, in a broken world- bringing light into the darkness, speaking goodness and truth wherever we go and being a small piece of heaven, wherever it is that we find ourselves.

Well I don’t know about you but that seems a pretty tall order most of the time and one that I do battle to achieve as I struggle with the skirmishes of life, wrestle with weariness, illness, family struggles, money…shall I go on?

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