2015 10p1Feeling Stuck…

It has been a turbulent month and one in which I have felt terribly frustrated and anxious most of the time. I can’t see the way forward in my journey. I feel stuck; like a twig caught in the eddy of tumbling rocks in a flowing stream, moving backwards and forwards but not getting anywhere or a lone leaf on an autumn tree being blown to and fro in the gusts of breeze.


This is like when I have an idea or a piece of work, sketch it out and then cannot think of how to resolve the design into a finished piece….ideas going round & round, backwards and forwards, getting nowhere. It is often not until I accept that I haven’t a solution right now, leave it alone, let time pass for a while and then come back to it & actually start working practically with the materials that I have that I begin to resolve the issue…

Desiring a Better Way…

August has been a busy month and it has taken its toll on my soul. I have not yet found my ““good way” of restful barefoot meandering beside still waters.”

2015 09p1

When exciting work opportunities clamour for my attention, I often forget that I am human with finite energy, and convince myself instead that I can do it all…I know that I need to rest…soon, I tell myself, not yet…..when I have finished “this”. It will be fine, fun, manageable because after all, I really want to do all these things. But of course, the reality is that the vulnerability of my humanity means I get ill, anxious, stressed.

Often life’s path is a bewildering maze of directions & we are frequently faced with the ubiquitous crossroads of unknowing. How many times have we faced the choice of several directions, agonising over the “right” path or feel as if we have lost our way completely?

2015 08p1

The idea for this piece of textile artwork (as yet unfinished ) stems from a sketchbook drawing at Yorkshire Sculpture Park as I overlooked the well trodden muddy paths intersecting across the grass.

Picture Postcard Landscape?

2015 07p1

A beautiful landscape touches our emotions.

It is a feast for the eyes & can fill our senses; restore our weary souls and still our busy minds.

But what of the landscape of my heart?

When we examine our hearts, can we say the same?

Does my heart sing with joy?

If I’m honest, often not….

The heart is a powerful physical organ-pumping the life blood around our bodies and much has been publicised about how we may keep our hearts healthy through diet & exercise, but what of the health of our spiritual hearts?


This time, a different approach to my monthly post…a poem written whilst exploring the next piece in my “Journey” series….

Remember your Calling

2015 06p1Remember

the rainbow

of your calling.

Believe in the Gifts

He has bestowed

that all is enough.

Be faithful

in giving of

the extravagant abundance

you have been given.

Look to His Word

for inspiration.

Be your unique self

for it is God- breathed;


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