Juggling act...

Being freelance is always a juggling act...not enough paid work, too much work at the same time, juggling paperwork with promotion, cash flow with creativity. Its very rarely the idyllic scenario of artist beavering away creatively in a beautifully organised studio.  (You obviously haven't been in my studio recently... it has been far too busy to tidy!)

I can't believe it has been two months since I last posted here. It has seemed a chaotic couple of months, mostly preparing, planning and delivering workshop sessions around the region.
I have finished the Creative Cuppa Project in Nottinghamshire and begun working with new people in the Arts at the HeART of Wellbeing Project in Derbyshire.

2015 08p1

Creative Cuppa felted tea cosies

2015 08p2

Creative Cuppa Collage

2015 08p3

Creative Cuppa fabric paper

In addition, I've been accepted to work with Ignite Imaginations in Sheffield, extending the geographical area I work, northwards and am in the middle of preparations for an exhibition with a new textile group "Ev-ol-ve" over in Cromford, Derbyshire.
I've also had an exhausting but wonderful time at a festival-New Wine in Shepton Mallet, working with the Arts Team for the fifth year running, delivering textile workshop sessions.

Workshop Session

Inevitably, when I am occupied with workshops, then my own artwork stops altogether or else stalls as I struggle between the time and creative energy I'm giving out to others (which I love doing) and the creative energy and time I need for inspiration for my own art.

I'm looking forward to getting a little more balance over the next couple of weeks so that I can hopefully finish a piece that I've been struggling with since June and also begin a commission that needs to be completed by early September. There's nothing like a deadline to get you back on track! I will keep you posted, provided of course the busyness doesn't outweigh the balance!

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