Fabric Transfer Paint

2015 05p1This week I have begun a new piece in my journey series and used some transfer printed background as a basis for the piece.

Here, I have used fabric transfer paint on several pieces of thin copier paper. Some were simply painted with a brush: others were sponged or printed on using bubble wrap. Once dry, I tore the papers, arranged them onto a long piece of paper & glued them down using a glue stick.

With the image face down onto the fabric that I wanted to print, I then ironed the image carefully onto the fabric.
When ironing transfer paints onto fabric, you have to remember that you will need to use a synthetic fabric for the colours to transfer boldly. I like the effect on cotton voile or evalon best. Try a few experiments to see which work for you.

This was ironed onto cotton voile, which is too thin to use as a ground for stitching onto, so I applied fusible webbing to the back & then cut carefully around the image to transfer to my cotton ground.

2015 05p2

Unfortunately, keen to get on whilst the inspiration was there, I completely forgot to photograph the direct print before I began adding other things!
This is part of the image once I started to layer over other fabrics & papers and with some stitching on. Hopefully, you will see the full image in a few days on my Facebook page


New Workshop Sessions

In addition this week, I've also worked with 2 new groups, facilitating felt workshops...a studio session with WORTH (Women on the Road to Healing) and a wellbeing group that meet in Erewash who all produced some lovely felt pieces.

2015 05p3

Oh, and I also sold some work at Sheffield Open Up Studios last weekend -as well as having work exhibited at Thoresby Craft Gallery with Art Through Textiles.


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