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Wire Bound Booklet of Postcard Reflections

SKU: Card_901

Wire Bound Booklet of 16 Postcard Reflections

If you are feeling stuck in the same place physically or spiritually and you would like a change of scenery then this wire-bound booklet of sixteen A5 reflective postcards may just help with a new perspective.

It is printed on 300gms paper with a silk finish. One side of each postcard depicts a beautiful photograph of a seat in different locations across the globe. The other side invites you to imagine yourself in that seat, meeting with Jesus as you do so. They are designed to inspire, and draw you closer to the Saviour in a creative way and further your spiritual journey.

On the back of each postcard, we have included imagined scenarios, scripture verses, further pointers or questions to consider, and a suggested creative response.

Use them in journaling, for creative Bible journaling inspiration or simply to contemplate

Extended Offer until 30 November

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