What I can offer ...

Talks for Embroiderers' Guilds and women's groupsArtWkshops 01

Ways of Working in Textiles 

Looking at the ways that my textile art has developed, starting from the earlier days of my work to more recent pieces, with an insight into early sketchbooks to completed work.  I use a PowerPoint presentation with lots of images of my own textile artwork over the years. I also bring along textile art that I have created.

Working in Stitch, Building a Business

This is the story of facilitating connections through textiles & creativity, creating a freelance business portfolio of jobs in arts & health, education & spirituality - it's a whistle-stop tour through Powerpoint images & anecdotes of working in places from parks to primary schools, tepees to tents, church halls to care homes, hospitals to holiday centres, whilst trying to continue to develop my own creative practice.

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